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PT. Megaroyal IT Comindo was first established in 1986 as one of the first pioneers who introduced modern IT Technologies into Indonesian well-known Companies. We currently hold the distributor license for Raritan Inc. IT Solutions for data center, DRC and branch offices Management.

Raritan is a leading provider of secure IT infrastructure management solutions that provide IT directors, managers and administrators the control they need to optimize data center productivity, enhance branch office operations and increase overall power management efficiency.

In over 50, 000 locations around the world, our integrated secure in-band and out-of-band server access, control and power management products help companies better monitor and manage server access, utilization and energy consumption. Raritan’ s OEM division provides advanced embedded hardware and firmware for server and client management, including KVM over IP, IPMI, intelligent power management and other industry standards-based management applications.

Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has 38 offices worldwide, serving 76 countries.

As a leader in IT management solutions, Raritan saw the growing need for secure access and control of IT assets. And we developed our award-winning family of remote solutions with capabilities you won’ t find elsewhere. With Raritan, you can:

  • 🔵 Access and repair servers and networking equipment out-of-band from remote locations
  • 🔵 Respond quickly to problems, even if the WAN is down or the OS is not available
  • 🔵 Reboot equipment and monitor power conditions remotely
  • 🔵 Centralize multiple operations into a single management device
  • 🔵 Maintain and enhance the security of every IT device you manage

Today, IT managers worldwide rely on Raritan KVM, Serial Console and Centralized Management solutions for secure, in-band and out-of-band access to servers and other IT devices. They also rely on our Dominion® PX intelligent power management solution to help them improve efficiency and productivity with remote outlet-level monitoring and management, remote power cycling, 256-bit AES encryption — and more.